Visitors' Queue Management System and Online Appointments

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Visitors See at your Office or Shop, Your Domain or

If Your Business is Open They See Visitors Token Call (Your Queue Management System), Running

They Can Also Make Appointment With You Online, As Per Your Schedule

Visitors Queue Management System is Free Now
Online Appointments System is Free for 30 Days Trial
Turn visitors' phones into Queue Management System, Self-Ordering Kiosk, Token Call Screen, Restaurant Menu or your Shop's Product Catalog. They DO NOT DOWNLOAD any app. While waiting for their turn at your shop or office or salon they will enjoy a social media website where they will get alert on their turn. That's when visitor's token is called.

We can make you a website also with our visitor queue management and online appointment system with your own domain just on a live chat. Chat Free with a Professional Web Developer and make your business website now

Turn their phones into your Ordering Machine, a Self Order Kiosk

You run an Office, Clinic

  • Run Visitors Queue Management System
  • Online Appointments Booking

    You run a Restaurant or Shop

  • Their mobile phone is your menu book or products catalog.
  • SELF ORDER KIOSK: They make order and pay at counter
  • Then their phone turns into token call display system

    You can be any shop or business where people wait for their turn.

  • With or without placing an order
  • With or without making a booking or appointment
    And Just write somewhere at your place:
    Write have token dot com slash your name for visitors to see your appointments and token system
    That's all to setup your Token Call and Booking System
    Now if it is a shop, people can place order. And while your client wait for their order or token they have access to social media posts powered by (Optional), at your link or website.
    • FREE 1 Month Trial for Booking Systems
    • FREE Domain Name on upgrading from free to Paid Subscription within 3 days of trial
  • Screenshot of self-order kiosk, a menubook, a products catalog by

    Self-Order Kiosk on Customer's Phone

    (For Shops, Restaurants)
    Screenshot of Visitors token call queue management system and online appointments, reservation on your mobile by

    Visitors' Token Call System on Mobile Browser

    FAQ: Online Booking, Visitor TOKEN, POS Self-Order Kiosk

    How can I make my online Visitors Management System?

    Login to your HaveToken account. Click the dropdown menu ▼, which is beside your username in the navigation bar. Click Token Setup. In the Token Setup click Start. That's all to start your Visitors Management System. Now mention somewhere at your business place: "Please Have Token at" (username is of course your username, which should be good for your business.) When your visitor's go to this link, they will be connected to your office token system. They can enjoy social media posts at the same website where their visitor token number will appear when you call them. If you want the token call system on your own website, you can upgrade the package to 'website package'.

    How can I make POS self ordering or online order booking and invoicing system?

    Login to your HaveToken account. Click the dropdown menu ▼, which is beside your username in the navigation bar. Click Online Business Setup and enter your HaveToken email and password at new Log In page. On log in there you will be taken to T2 Codes Dashboard. There choose "Products" from Category menu. Go to Add Product. Add products to your shop's product catalog or restaurant menu by entering them one by one in this "Add Product" page. You can also upload all of your products list at once if you have them in an Excel file. You can also add the images to your product. Just make sure your image name is only the SrNo of your product.

    After adding your products you can see your products inventory in the Stock page. As soon as you enter any product to your inventory it will be immediately available to anyone that visits your website or visit

    Your self-order kiosk is ready not only for visitors on your place, but also to anyone on internet. If you want to ensure that only people with verified email order your products, just check Email Verification in Profile, in front of Required Fields for booking.

    How can I offer Online Appointments to clients?

    Login to your HaveToken account. Click the dropdown menu ▼, which is beside your username in the navigation bar. Click Appointments Setup. In Appointmentsl Setup you have to mention from which date to which date you are offering appointments. If you are offering appointment from First March 2016 to 31 March 2016, for all days other than weekends, select these two dates in Starting Date and Ending Date and then select Except Sat-Sun in the Days dropdown menu.

    After selecting the date you can mention Label for this appointment. This will be actually a title and description of the appointment, Like: “10 AM to 12 PM. Already examined patients. At Room 13, 7th Level. Fees xxx”. So, you can have different types of Appointments on the same dates with different labels. Like another label, for the same dates (March 01, 2016 to March 31, 2016), can be: “For both, already-examined or new patients. 7PM to 9PM at Marina Clinic. Fees xxx”.

    As soon as you click Save, your appointments are online at your website or at, whatever you prefer. At our website it is absolutely free for 30 days trial.



    Offer Visitor Tokens

    Offer Online Appointments Booking (30 Days free trial)

    Free android app for scanning QR code confirmation of your online appointment booking

    Visitors can pass time sharing text with other users of

    (a Social Network Site, where everybody is your follower!)

    Website Package

    powered by

    Control and update your website contents yourself, as easily as posting on facebook.

    Offer Visitor Tokens

    Offer unlimited appointments and order booking

    Free domain name

    Free hosting of the system

    as low as


    on yearly subscription.

    Ok. My customer makes an order or books an appointment. After that?

    When a customer confirms an order or an appointment he gets a machineable readable code, a QR code of the booking. He pays at counter (or howevever your business decides), and waits. Your company/staff may verify the code with our free mobile app for you or with QR Code scanner on website dashboard. Code verified means you start working on the order. When order is ready, you mark it ready and your client gets the alert immediately on that his order is ready!

    If it is an appointment

    Clients may make verified appointment online. Come to your place at appointment time and show the code to your staff. On verification, you go ahead with appointment, and when it is done you mark it done.

    Data Entry

    Whether a product sale, or a service, or an appointment. Whether it is first step of client making an order/booking or last step of you marking the order 'served', at all stages your data is automatized, accessible and secure.

    Your Visitors' Queue Management & Online Appointments System at