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Lets Not Just Manage Visitors in Queue; Entertain Them Also

Visitors Type your URL on their Mobile Browsers and get connected to your Queue Management System. Your System Offers Them Social Media Posts to kill waiting time. When You Call Visitors They Get Alert. Watch the demo.

With Queue Management System if You Need an Online Appointments System also, make it Now in a Live Chat!

Or you can Drop us a Message.
  • When leaving a message please briefly introduce your business. If it is a Large Hospital, or a Clinic, or a Consultant Office etc.
  • What features you want in website that we make together.
  • Do you want to use for online appointments.
  • Our Support Representative may be able to advice you a thing or two, which may cut your cost to a great extent.
  • We save cost for start up businesses and professionals, like doctors, dentists, lawyers, property consultants, who are making websites to get their businesses online, to be able to make it easier for their clients to get connected with them and book orders and appointments online.
  • Besides online Appointment System You get a Free Visitors Queue Management System, specially helpful for a Doctor or a Dentist in Clinics and Lawyer or all Consultants in their offices. Watch the demo please.

Online Appointment System

Price $17.2/month

Option#A: We Start Your Website

  • You will Get
  • You will Easily Update the Content & Language of Website
  • Please watch Demo: As Easy As Copy-Paste

A Demo of Your Online Appointments Website

Option#B: Use

  • Your Get URL:
  • You not only get Online Appointment System but also have the option to offer a Self Order Kiosk if you run a Shop or Restaurant
  • You get a Free Visitors' Queue Management System
  • You control Language of Your Content on
  • You use a professionally designed website so no need to design or maintain a website yourself.
  • 30 Days Free Trial

Your Visitors' Queue Management & Online Appointments System at

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Online Appointment System (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will my clients use my Online Queue Management System?

You will share and advertise your domain/link to your clients. When they visit this link they will get connected to your Queue Management System and when you call visitors they will also see, which visitors are called. After you Register Here you can just write somewhere at your business place:
Write have token dot com slash your name for visitors to see your appointments and token system

How can I offer to make appointments online?

Making appointments with your clients on your website is made simple as well.
  • Login. In the Appointments Setup write your availablity schedule and mention how many appointmens can be made during the specified date and time in your Appointment setup
  • Now if you do not want to maintain any website, you are done. You can just give your clients your link, because your online appointment system is online for your clients' booking.
  • Although you will get Free Visitors Queue Management system at and with many fancy features like visitors' token call screen on their mobile screen but if you want to do it by yourself with your domain, you can just write the command word, which will be provided to you, anywhere on the web page you are maintaining with us. Not only your appointment calendar can be accessed by your clients but also when your website visitor confirms an appointment the confimation will be submitted to you and a QR code of the appointment for your clent will be generated.
  • On your clients arrival to your place, your staff can scan the QR code with mobile app.
  • An automated data entry builds up instantly, showing the confirmed and fulfilled appointments, and it is available to you through our mobile app and website.

How can I make my business website myself?

Creating beautiful basic web pages are made as easy copy paste here. Learn how to make a wesbite. In these pages also makes it magically easy for you to add in online order booking and visitors' online appointment system yourself.

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