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A Restaurant Menu Book. An Online Order Booking System.
Make your business Visitors Online Appointments System. Good for Consultants, Dentists, Lawyers, Doctors

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Your Self-Order Kiosk Speaks Your Language

No Funny Auto Translation. Purely the Language You Write for Local Clients

Start Online Restaurant Orders for home delivery or a Self Ordering Kiosk.

Customers make self-order from home or sitting in your restaurant or shop.

Just upload your products and start selling.

How I upload products for online booking, home delivery or restaurant menu?

You log into your online business setup at In main menu select "Products" as category. Click "Add product". Provide items name, price, images and total stock. That's it. Your self-ordering kiosk is ready. Your products are online. Enjoy sell-online business.

More details on "Online Business Setup" procedure

How my customers use online self-order kiosk?

They type your URL, Click self-order-kiosk. Choose your products or restaurant menu items. They confirm order. You receive order in phone email or your business online dashboard at You mark order ready and they will get order status alert on this website. If they are waiting at home they can click Home Delivery Order Status and check the update.

Free Data Entry and Invoicing

It is a huge benefit of our sell online system. Whether it is the first step of client making an order booking or last step of you marking the order 'served', at all stages your data is automatized, accessible and invoices are QR code secure.

How to set up online business and self-ordering kiosk

Login to your HaveToken account. Click the dropdown menu ▼, which is beside your username in the navigation bar. Click Online Business Setup and enter your HaveToken email and password at new Log In page. On log in there you will be taken to T2 Codes Dashboard. There choose "Products" from Category menu. Go to Add Product. Add products to your shop's product catalog or restaurant menu by entering them one by one in this "Add Product" page. You can also upload all of your products list at once if you have them in an Excel file. You can also add the images to you your product. Just make sure your image name is only the SrNo of your product.

After adding your products you can see your products inventory in the Stock page. As soon as you enter any product to your inventory it will be immediately available to anyone that visits your website or visit

Your self-order kiosk is ready not only for visitors on your place, but also to anyone on internet. If you want to ensure that only people with verified email order your products, just check Email Verification in Profile, in front of Required Fields for booking.

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